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Info COVID-19

Info COVID-19

At Hostel Jayma we are maximising our cleaning measures. Up until now, our clients’ reviews regarding our cleaning standards have been 9.8 out of 10.

We are now maximising cleaning conditions, disinfection and other work protocols to give full reassurance to our clients during their entire stay.
Common areas, the reception hall, the solarium and bedrooms.

Salobreña is a calm destination without big crowds.


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The area

Our Hostel is in a very special touristic enclave. Surrounded by sea and mountains, Salobreña, a small town in the province of Granada, has become one of the most visited places on the Costa Tropical for its special charm and unique environment.

It's located less than 60Km away from the capital of Granada and 90 km from Málaga and Almería. Sierra Nevada is 90 km away and Alpujarra Granadina is only 25 km away. It has great communications with the three airports of these Andalusian capitals and it can be reached by boat with several very close ports, (Motril, 7km.)

In Salobreña there's a coastline full of pleasant surprises. There're wide beaches like the Peñon and the Charca where the white of the houses and the Mediterranean blue are united, next to beach bars with sea flavours.

The beaches

In this area, one can find idyllic landscapes, like the beaches. The Peñón de Salobreña is a beach with coarse sand and has a multitude of services and atmosphere. The Playa de la Guardia is extensive and wild, located among tropical crops and surrounded by sugarcane plantations. But you can also enjoy its rocky coves easily accessible by the sea where you can practice deep sea fishing or simply sunbathing.

Arabian Castle

The Arabian Castle has three enclosures: the interior corresponds in its disposition with the old Alcázar Nazarí; The other two, with a defensive function, are a Castilian extension of the late fifteenth century. Refreshing indoor gardens surround the architectural volumes. From its towers, you can see at a glance the urban fabric of Salobreña, the Vega, the Mediterranean Sea, the surrounding mountains and even the Sierra Nevada. Its towers, battlements and walls, its enclave and landscapes have propitiated that the castle is one of the most visited monuments of the Costa Grenadine.

The castle is protected by the generic Declaration of the Decree of April 22, 1949, and Law 16/1985 on Spanish Historical Heritage.

La iglesia Virgen del Rosario

The Church was built by the Arabs and later it was turned into a Catholic Church. Its frescoes on the ceiling are of great beauty.

In Salobreña the old Arab fort is located on a cliff at the edge of the sea. It's surrounded by neighbourhoods like La Loma, Cristo, El Brocal or El Albaicín and corners like the Paseo de las Flores, Mirador del Postigo and the Tajo de Salobreña. They all ooze the charm and appeal of the Mediterranean towns with a historical past. The historical and monumental interest of Salobreña has been recognised in "El Legado Andalusi" in the Route of Al Idrisi.

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